May 2017 Board Meeting

The May board meeting will be held on Wednesday the 10th at 10:00 a.m. in the Vinita Headquarters Board Room.

Floodwater Release Bulletin

At 3:00PM on Wednesday, May 24: - Grand Lake elevation was 752.35 feet. Daily target elevation for May 24 is 743.53 feet. - At the direction of the United States Army Corps of Engineers, five (5) east spillway gates were open at Pensacola Dam, discharging 28,400 cubic feet per second (cfs) of water. - Five (5) units were online at the Pensacola Dam powerhouse, releasing 11,468 cfs of water through generation. - … More

Safety tips for boat owners

Power for Progress... a weekly column from the Grand River Dam Authority. While the Grand River Dam Authority continues to recognize May as National Electric Safety Month, we also understand that the upcoming Memorial Day weekend is a good time to think about boating safety. So, in this week’s installment, we wanted to pass along some electrical safety tips for boat owners and operators, from the Electric Safety Foundation International ( Here are some things to consider as you hit the water this weekend: - Be aware of your surroundings and potential … More

Notice of Public Meeting

NOTICE OF PUBLIC MEETING The Grand River Dam Authority (GRDA) will hold an informal public meeting on June 2, 2017 at 6:00 Grand River Dam Authority Ecosystems & Education Center Grand Hall 420 E. Hwy 28 Langley, OK 74350 The purpose of this meeting is to obtain public comments regarding proposed changes to Grand River Dam Authority Permit Applications. These proposed changes are on the GRDA website at GRDA wishes to solicit comments on these changes from all interested individuals and businesses. If you would like to submit written comments or have any questions, … More